Stop the Insanity! Survive and Thrive Amidst Black Friday Deals and Cyber Monday Sales

Stop the Insanity!

Remember 1990’s fitness icon Susan Powter, who would run around during late-night infomericals and scream, “STOP THE INSANITY”? Check out the 4 second clip below for a laugh.  

Anyhow, here are 5 sanity saving tricks to survive the wacky winter holidays admidst Black Friday Deals, Sales, and Cyber Monday Sales …

6 Sanity Saving Suggestions

1. Avoid Money-Sucking Vacuums like Black Friday Deals and SalesBlack Friday Violence

Is it really worth it to stand in line at 3 am for that doorbuster 87 inch TV for $199 or getting in a brawl over Rachael Ray cookware? This year’s Black Friday Sales drama included folks fighting over towels, a man got stabbed in spat over a parking space and another shopper got shot for his new TV as violent bargain-hunters come to blows.

This year, there were 15 Black Friday-related injuries and one death.  An eleven-year-old girl got trampled in a mad rush at WalMart. According to the Gaston Gazette, Patrick Henry Boyd, 19,  fell asleep  at the wheel while driving home from shopping with his friends, crashed his car, and died. Four others were hospitalized from the crash.  Is it worth it to risk your life over snagging a bargain?

The website Black Friday Death Count, tracks all Black Friday-related deaths and injuries since 2006.

2.   Get lots of sleep.

polarbearsinternational.orgDuring the fall and winter, many folks need more sleep. I think our bodies must go into a polar bear type hybernation mode.   It totally makes sense because there’s less light (especially in northern latitudes like here in Seattle, and Berlin, where my brother lives). When it gets dark, our bodies produce melatonin, thereby turning us into sleepy bears.

If you have a hard time getting enough sleep, consider turning off the TV two hours earlier, turning off all electronics, and curling up with a mildly engaging book (if it’s too good you won’t want to go to sleep).

When you get plenty of sleep, you’re able to avoid being sucked into family fights and diva drama at work. You’ll also have an easier time refraining from chowing on Christmas cookies or crazy credit card choices. This will help you kick out any depression during the holidays.

3. Be Savvy and Awake During Cyber Monday Sales

Cyber Monday DealsOnline shopping is my FAVORITE kind of shopping, next to thrift stores.   It’s a lot more fun and not at all deadly, unless you happen to be struck by lightning while clicking away on your laptop.

Anyhow,  make sure you’re well-rested and have read the fine print before hopping onto the Cyber Monday Sales bandwagon. Step away from your laptop, screen, mobile before you hit the add to cart button. If you’re buying it “just in case” or if you kinda sorta like it, have room on credit card, can pay for it when you get that raise in January at your new job you might get….don’t!

4.   Stay Out of Malls.

I have a tradition of avoiding malls from Thanksgiving until January 2.  I dislike 97.1% of malls at any other time of the year, so this is not difficult. During the Christmas shopathon season, I abhor 100% of malls. If I do need to buy something, I can buy it online, at a local small business NOT located in a mall, or at my favorite grocery store, Trader Joe’s.

If you only follow one of my suggestions, staying out of malls during the winter holidays will dramatically improve your mood.

5. You don’t have to BUY EVERYONE a Present.

If you’re going to a party, and don’t know what to bring the hosts, a Christmasy bouquet will do. If they have children, bring each child a chocolate Saint Nick.  Stick with White Elephant parties, where you can regift silly stuff you don’t need. They’re more fun anyhow.  I think it’s wasteful to buy a bunch of people dollar store presents.

6.  Stay away from negative people.

Black Hole PeopleRun from energy vampires, or “black holes”, as my husband calls them.  You don’t need to waste your time people pleasing these frenemies or fakesters. Enough said.

With that, I wish you Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, and Happy New Year!


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