Money for Teachers, What Not to Do: Breaking Bad and Bank Robbing

Money for Teachers, What Not to Do: An Episode of Breaking Bad and Bank Robbing

WARNING: To Supplement Your Teacher Salary, Don’t Turn to a Life of Crime

breakingbad#1 Bad Way to Generate Money for Teachers

Make and sell meth like the high school chemistry Walter White on Breaking Bad. Not only is it wrong in nineteen different ways, you could also get caught like Maryland science teacher, Mrs. Pritchett. She and her husband were charged with several drug related offenses.  Police found more than 1,200 grams of marijuana, as well as hashish, cocaine, heroin, and Oxycodone,  $4,900 in cash (probably from her pharmaceutical side gig), and drug-related paraphernalia.

robbing banks#2 Bad Way to Generate Money for Teachers

Another crooked way for teachers to make money is by robbing banks. (Google “teachers who robbed banks,” and you’re in for some interesting stories ;> ).  One English teacher called in sick, got a sub for the day, and robbed a bank. Another former music teacher sported a beekeeper’s mask and robbed a bank while carrying an air horn and a pistol.

There’s no need to morph into a bank robbing thug or a meth manufacturing educator on Breaking Bad!  Yes, times can be tough, but there’s no need to become that desperate.

#1 Legal and Ethical Way to Generate Money for Teachers

A simpler, legitimate way to make money for teachers is by blogging.   It is a smart solution which offers flexibility and can be quite lucrative and fun. Input your email below (totally confidential) and I’ll send you info on how you can start making money blogging today.




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