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On these first few days of the new year, I’ve reflected back at an epiphany I had over last Labor Day Weekend.

That weekend my family and I spent delicious, relaxing days at the Sleeping Lady Resort.  We enjoyed walking in the woods, biking into Leavenworth, and spending time together eating their organic fresh, rustic food. My husband fly fished a few times, didn’t catch anything,  but he didn’t care. He was happy just to get out on the river.

At the resort, my daughter Mina reveled in jumping into their rock pool off a high ledge. The first night we were there, she asked me to jump with her. I refused to budge from the cozy hot tub.  The next day we went swimming again. This time she insisted I jump with her.

No. I stuck my foot in the water, then tiptoed to the first step and almost ran out of the pool because it was so cold.

Mina said,”Mom, you’ll get used to it a lot faster if you just jump in! It’ll be cold at first but then you’ll get used to it.”

I knew this from my childhood when I spent almost the entire summer vacation in the pool. I swam so much as a child that my fingers and toes wrinkled up.  I still did not want to spring into cold water. It was so much more comfortable to  spend the morning floating in the hot tub.

I gritted my teeth, padded across the rockery, looked down into the freezing blue pool below and leaped into the water. The cold shocked me with energetic aliveness. I swam across the pool, Mina laughed, and then we ran and jumped again and again into the pool.

I then realized how foolish it was that we adults often sit on the side of the pool, staring at their books or tablets, looking up from time to time to make sure that their children have not been abducted by Sasquatch.

Instead of jumping in and playing  with our kids, we often insist on being spectators on the sidelines of fun.

That day reminded me that jumping in with gusto is the best way to approach a project, task, or goal. Just sticking our toes in the pool is not showing any strong commitment to getting things done. Just standing in the pool up to our ankles is not getting wet.

What does swimming at Sleeping Lady Resort over Labor Day weekend have to do with the New Year?  Achieving goals and realizing dreams this year and beyond will never happen if we just shuffle around them and procrastinate. The cold shock of jumping in full throttle may be uncomfortable at first. Yet it will never be as fun as romping in the pool or hopping off the rocks. Let’s cannonball into the water from the high dive, dive into the year! Happy 2013.

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  1. March 16, 2013

    That’s really the right approach! Way more fun that way. 🙂

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