ADHD ABC| J is for Jesus..Is God Mad at You?

307818_2286437433204_1016951790_2566347_383553368_nI thought God hated me.

Really. I thought He loved everybody except me.  He was mad at me. He wanted to punish me. I believed that Jesus was for the homeschooling minivan mafia and people who had cows and ducks decor in their cutesy country kitchens.


Jesus hung out with losers.

Look whom Jesus hung out with…tax collectors, prostitutes, fishermen… undignified people you’d probably find at the end of a bar that reeks of stale popcorn and cheap beer. His disciples weren’t exactly the finest frogs in the lake, either.

He wandered around the Middle East, talking to fallen women, raising the dead, healing the sick, walking on water, and knocking over a Moneytree franchise inside a temple.  Now, I’m not saying that He had ADHD, but Jesus was pretty hyper Himself. I’m sure a few of his disciples did. Who else would be up for adventure wandering around with a sandal-clad carpenter who performed miracles?

759660_15865636_bJesus hung out with people who felt less than, who were hungry for a change, and wanted to throw everything down to follow him to a new life.

I threw out my preconceived crazy notions about Christianity. God created all of me, with my zippy ideas and crazy curly hair. He delights in our quirks and loves us as we are. Jesus is there for us, always, always, always, to follow Him when we’re ready.

Why wouldn’t Jesus want to hang out with you?   Take a walk on the real wild side.  You are a treasure. And He’s not mad at you!  




P.S. I found this really cool video about Jesus…watch it below now.

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