Entitlement Epidemic: What’s the Future of America Look Like?

If you’ve seen the Disney movie WALL-E, about the post-apocalyptic sensitive robot, you got a sneak peek into future trends. Even though that movie is an animated children’s film, I found it dark and unsettling.

WALL-EOne of the most disturbing parts of the film is the scene with obese folks in red jumpsuits transfixed to screens, watching television, instant messaging, and sucking on milkshakes. The people have been sedentary for so many generations that they have forgotten how to walk! They are unaware of their surroundings, do not comprehend life beyond their chairs, and are transfixed to the screens in front of them.

This grim scene has become present-day reality in the USA.  According to Nielsen, Americans spend an average of 34 hours a week watching television. That’s like a second full-time job! Sixty-one percent watch TV and surf the internet simultaneously. The average American spends 6.75 hours a month dinking around on facebook. In a new study by Kansas State University, scientists found that employees spend approximately 80% of their time at work cyberloafing, or wasting time online.

The Entitlement Epidemic

parishiltonAnd the entitlement epidemic festers among American college students, who tend to think that they are more special and unique than ever. In the American Freshman survey, they rated themselves as gifted writers, even though their actual writing skills showed otherwise. The ultraspeed of social media, easy access to credit cards, and on-demand digital media, have also fed their increased entitlement mentality and narcissistic outlook.

What does this mean for future trends?

 into two distIn the next few years, American society will divideinct social groups, makers and takers. Currently most people are a combination of the two, with tendencies more in one way or the other.

Makers are the people who think and market ideas, invent new gadgets, and whip up new technology to make life easier, faster, and simpler. They’re the people who invented contact lenses, air travel, Smart Boards, air conditioning (one of my summer favorites), and backup sensor systems so you don’t crash your car when parallel parking.


A benevolent maker is a person who invents things that help the greater good, finds cures for horrible diseases, or creates positive social movements.

On the other hand, a malevolent maker is someone who uses their creative powers to control or malign people (like a habit-forming pharmaceutical or a media mogul who broadcasts highly addictive trash reality television).

Takers are the ones taking, grabbing, demanding, and dependent on culture, society, and the media.  These are the people with an IV drip attached to government entitlement programs for generations. They don’t think or act for themselves because they’re numbed out and dumbed out on immediate gratification and zombies of the entitlement epidemic.   Future trends indicate that there will be more and more in the taker class.

You have a choice.group-teachers

Be smart and join the savvy warrior army of makersOr sit on your butt and watch the rest of your life fade away.

Get off your tuckus and be a force for good. Walk with us through the gateway to your new life.

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entitlement epidemic

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  1. May 30, 2013

    This is right on the money. We live in an entitlement state now and I have seen many good people who wanted to work and do better not be able to do this as they would lose much more than they would gain. Crazy to be a society like this now. The constitution says we are entitled to Life, Liberty and the PURSUIT of Happiness. Not that it will be given to us the we have the right to pursue this as individuals.

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