Buh-Bye Bad Buzzwords

There are some buzzwords that are overused ad nauseum that they’ve become like sour milk that begs to be chucked. They’ve lost their original meaning and any spunk or flair has faded, like Christmas decorations that are still up in March.

Here are three of my peeves to get started:

artisan: you know when Safeway and McDonald’s label food items as artisan, it’s time to go

passion, passionate: find a synonym, please

epic: grab a thesaurus, people. Not everything that glitters epic is gold.

In the world of education, we also have a bevy of super annoying educational buzzwords. The number one most overused word is rigor and any of its derivatives.

rigor, rigorous: thrown around like ping pong as a code word for “this work is hard enough” for the students and they’re not just doing fluff.

I’m going to a Education Buzzwords meetup tonight, so I’ll be back with more words and phrases to bid farewell.

In the meantime, ciao for now.


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