ADHD ABC| Y is for Yakking!

vallain.squidoo.comYakety-yak! Don’t talk back! 

When I was a teenager, I sassed my mom and gave her attitude. Also, if I found a teacher boring, the lesson irrelevant (especially in Godzilla-awful geometry class),  or didn’t move fast enough, I commenced non-stop yakking. Or sometimes I just felt like saying whatever was on my mind.

You can read all about my high school yakkiness here (and more).

Do you turn Chatty Cathy when you’re unengaged? Were you rude to your parents when you were a kid?

P.P.S. What is the real reason for learning geometric proofs? I have NEVER used them since high school!

P.S. Just for fun, here’s the original 1958 “Yakety Yak” song by the Coasters. Enjoy!

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  1. May 4, 2014

    I don’t yak too much but when I get excited about something I get really loud. Then people tell me I’m being loud and stop paying attention to what I’m actually saying, which is very frustrating.

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