ADHD ABC| R is for Racing Thoughts

r is for racing thoughts #atozchallengeZip zip zip!

Racing thoughts zip through my head like shooting stars. I catch them like fireflies, scramble and jump after them with a butterfly net, post-its in the wind.  This is how my brain is all the time.

 No, I’m not manic, even though I’ve won many a battle against depression.   People with ADHD can be misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder. Conversely, people with bipolar disorder, can be diagnosed with ADHD . Some lucky folks get a two for one meal deal, and actually have both! 

With bipolar disorder, people have a series of manic episodes, as well as depressive episodes (it depends on the type of bipolar, how often, and bipolar type 2 is completely different).

Anyhow, here’s a funny video my daughter shared with me–Ryan Higa totally captures the essence of racing thoughts in this dandy little video.


P.S. Tired of losing ideas for that great invention, poem, or opus? Consider carrying around a little journal or notebook and scribbling them down as fast as they fly in. I carry one in my purse 24/7 and put it next to my bedside at night.   I don’t want to forget my next great teacherpreneurial idea!

Happy idea catching.

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  1. Going through life trying to avoid medicating my daughter and having her labelled ADD I’m so glad I can laugh at a video like this. It’s quite funny as a number of the things he said are thoughts that go through my mind. Thanks for the laugh after getting another horrible note about my daughters school work.

    • April 29, 2014

      Glad you liked it! On a more serious note, did you talk to the teacher about your daughter’s work? Have you considered getting her a 504 plan?

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