A Trip to Someday Isle…

somedayislevillaYes, there is really a place in St. John, Virgin Islands called Someday Isle. But it’s also a mysterious location where many go on holiday, and you don’t even need a plane to get there.

It’s spelled S-O-M-E-D-A-Y  I-(apostrophe)-L-L.

People often say,” Someday I’ll go on a vacation to Europe. I’ll go on a cruise down the Rhine River and tour the castles along the way. I want to climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower with my husband.”

Or,”Someday I’ll take that Zumba class I’ve always wanted to.  I want to learn Swahili. I’d like to learn how to play country western songs on the ukulele.”

Last I checked, someday isn’t even a day of the week, and I’ve never seen it on a calendar.

If you told your boss, “Oh, I’ll show up at work some day” or…..

…..said to your son, “I think I’ll take you to school some day,” would she even have a remote shot at success?

Some place is not found in any atlas, either. When you look at your bank statement it doesn’t just say, “You have some money in your account.” It shows the exact number.

somedayisleUnless you are specific with your goals, changes are you will be stuck in the land of “Someday I’ll” between your ears, and you certainly won’t be flying to the Carribbean unless you already live there!

Write down your goals, even if they seem really wild and crazy. Forget how you’re going to get there. Don’t worry about that for now.

Put dates next to when you want to achieve those goals. Even put why you want to achieve them next to it.

Don’t fret about whether or not you can actually achieve them, or if you achieve them by those exact dates. Even if you don’t, if you work diligently at your goals, chance are you’ll be farther ahead than where you were before!

Don’t worry about what color paper, what pen to use, spelling, grammar, etc.   If you wait until you’re ready and comfortable to write them, you’ll be waiting until you’re dead.

Just write.

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