Top Ten List: A Few of My Favorite Things…Inventions

In honor of St. Valentine’s Day, I’d like to give a big shout out to ten of my favorite things… favorite inventions. Here you go:

1. Air conditioning. What would life in southern California or Texas be like without it this? On a mercilessly hot summer day, the Arctic chill of a movie theater is pure bliss. (On a random side note, I also like those water misters they have at restaurants in Palm Springs. They’re almost as wonderful).
2. Contact lenses. I don’t like wearing glasses because looking out of the corner of my eye is blurry, plus they give me a headache and never seem to fit right. Yes, I have the right prescription.
3. Airplanes. I love the fact that I can fly nonstop to Reykjavik, Iceland in seven hours and fifteen minutes direct from Seattle. Before airplanes, such a journey would have taken months. I can’t wait until we can fly to another continent in 15 minutes or less. Whenever I fly internationally, I feel like Dr. Who, like I’ve jumped through a time and space wormhole.
4. Antibiotics have gotten a bad rap in the last years, probably because doctors doled them out like Skittles in the 1970s. Anyhow, I know they’ve save my life at least once from strep and staph.
5. The Internet. How else could you read this post right now?
6. Waterproof Mascara. If I could only bring one beauty item to a desert island, I would choose waterproof mascara. Just a few strokes of mascara and a woman’s look is completely changed. Plus if you cry with waterproof mascara on, it doesn’t streak as much as regular.
7. Wash machines. This has saved women (and men) nationwide from beating their clothes against rocks or using washboards.
8. Water heaters.The wash machine’s and shower’s BFF.
9. Glue sticks. Back when I was a little kid, we didn’t have glue sticks. I used messy Elmer’s glue that no matter how carefully or thin I spread it, the project turned out bucklely or bumpy. Sometimes even the colors would bleed or the paper would tear. I especially like purple and blue glue sticks–I’m so easily amused by office supplies.
10. Roller skates. Makes it seem like you’re not really exercising. It’s like flying really close to the ground.

P.S. I love Post-It notes that pop up out of a dispenser! What are some of your favorite inventions?

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